Zuzana Mandic

Whilst my consulting activities have been paused for some time, I still write about topics of interest mainly related to sustainability and fashion industry. Please keep an eye on the news section for new developments.


Business consulting
Representation and advice on design
and fashion design markets
Public speaking

Business planning

Business strategy and plans
Marketing strategy and plans
Goals orientated review and planning


Research studies
Market analysis
Business analysis


Partnership development
Stakeholder management
Supplier sourcing


Project design and development
Project management

International markets

Czech Republic
Slovak Republic
Great Britain
United Arab Emirates


I built my consulting practice around a mix of international public and private sector experience, and through engaging with multiple stakeholders. I resonate with managers and entrepreneurs who seek ways to change their business by creatively exploring options and new approaches.

I worked with individual businesses to optimise or develop their business strategies. I also worked with public sector organisations, government agencies, professional bodies, education providers, and charities that operate within the creative industries, to meet their specific research and analysis, policy, organisational or project goals. In recent years, I have been focusing on fashion industry’s sustainable practices.

Working together requires an honest dialogue to reach the desired results. By listening and linking all the dots I deliver a thorough analysis of your current business position. With analysis as a foundation, we work in partnership to create strategic ways forward, combining knowledge, experience as well as relying on mutual exchanges and co-creation for the best way forward.

The partnership takes us both on a journey, where you get more from your business/project and establish what’s required to progress towards your objectives. The strategic options for going forward are yours to choose from whilst I offer business advice and support.

3CAP values symbolise my work ethic:

Conceptual Creative Client-centric




In practice, this translates to a professional yet personalised approach to every client. Whilst I think analytically, I speak the language of creatives. Through collaboration, we build the bridge connecting the business and creative worlds and embed them to work in synergy.  The result is more meaningful projects, sustainable business growth, and inspired clients.

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