Month / December 2019

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  • In discussion with Material Times about Czech fashion

    Thank you @MaterialTimes for talking with us about salient points of the Czech fashion Check out their web Lots of interesting info about #craftsmanship #creativity #innovation #Czechfashion #Czechtextiles #architecture and more. — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) December 20, 2019

  • Nurturing potential of Czech CCIs

    Pleased about joint strides @MinKultury and @mpo_tweetuje are taking to further Czech Cultural and Creative Industries. New CCI strategy is in development, -stakeholders widely consulted. @CzechInvest_CZ also showcasing European CCI best practice at Creatinno conference today — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) December 10, 2019