3WLABEL x Felicia Simion collab

3WLABEL collaborated with a visual artist Felicia Simion on a series of campaign images.

Felicia said:

“Meeting the co-founder of 3WLABEL Irina Moreno gave me hope that we are not helpless in front of textile waste and environmental challenges. Through its work, 3WLABEL transforms deadstock fabric into timeless clothes, in an effort towards sustainability and landfill avoidance.

This is my interpretation of the brand’s work, a collage with my dear friend Ana Maria Bucura wearing a dress from the brand’s first collection, standing in front of Jökulsárlón’s melting glaciers in Iceland. There is a certain sense of empowerment that I felt while creating this image, and I hope you will feel it, too”


Image: Felicia Simion x 3WLABEL