3WLABEL sustainable fashion brand

3WLABEL is a sustainable fashion brand created for women who care about the planet’s finite resources.

The current collection ‘Reclaimed Luxury’ is inspired by today’s independent woman who is mindful of her purchasing decisions’ impact on the planet yet who seeks a feminine and minimal look. The 3WLABEL woman appreciates the simple things in life. She is confident in herself and leads by example. She cares for the planet’s resources and proudly does her part to preserve what we have.

The collection consists of five designs: jacket, top, dress, vest, and pants, offered in three to four different fabrics to increase expand the colour offerings and styling options. Each piece is a classic with a twist, presented in contemporary hues and enhanced by practicalities such as pockets.

Their collections are produced in highly limited editions.  There is no stock. Each piece is made only when a customer orders; this is to minimize waste and be kind to finite resources. 3WLABEL’s numbered edition pieces are meant to be loved and cherished for years to come. A label featuring number 12/50 indicates that the purchaser acquired the 12th piece made using that particular fabric and design, out of a maximum of 50 garments.

The brand is aimed at making good on one of the fashion industry’s biggest pitfalls by using high-quality excess fabric and complementing existing wardrobe styles as opposed to replacing the shoppers’ closet staples. 3WLABEL partners with local garment manufactures to source its beautiful fabrics.  The brand also produces locally thus its fabric and production path doesn’t exceed 350 km. Furthermore, by utilising already existing materials, 3WLABEL doesn’t produce any greenhouse gas emissions linked to fabric production in their supply chain.

Here is the brand’s Instagram and several articles where you can find more about this sustainable fashion brand.


Images: Copyright 3WLABEL