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  • The Earth Logic at Copenhagen Fashion Summit

    #CFSPlus 2 days&many discussions about future of fashion through re-designing its value. Prof @katetfletcher @mathildatham discussed with @dwpenny @SafiaMinney  the #EarthLogic action plan. Catch up here:  Full text: @CPHFashSummit — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) October 13, 2020

  • Market for Craft – UK Market, Consumers, Export Potential

    The Market for Craft Biggest research in a decade into UK crafts commissioned by @CraftsCouncilUK and partners. Fresh and detailed insight into UK craft market, craft consumers and markets with export potential. #UKcraft #creativeindustries @MHMinsight — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) May 26, 2020

  • In discussion with Material Times about Czech fashion

    Thank you @MaterialTimes for talking with us about salient points of the Czech fashion Check out their web Lots of interesting info about #craftsmanship #creativity #innovation #Czechfashion #Czechtextiles #architecture and more. — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) December 20, 2019

  • Nurturing potential of Czech CCIs

    Pleased about joint strides @MinKultury and @mpo_tweetuje are taking to further Czech Cultural and Creative Industries. New CCI strategy is in development, -stakeholders widely consulted. @CzechInvest_CZ also showcasing European CCI best practice at Creatinno conference today — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) December 10, 2019

  • Creativity and education in England

    Interesting read- research looking at the role creativity & creative thinking plays in the education of young people in England. Focus on creative thinking throughout the curriculum becoming central to many education systems, will England hop on the train? — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) November 12, 2019

  • Heritage revival in Czech fashion design

    Overview of traditional textile techniques and how they're used by Czech fashion designers and other creatives. work by #aliceklouzkova #wnoozow @danieladanielis #terezakladosova #geometrtextil #heritage #fashiondesign #czechdesign @czechdesign — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) September 6, 2019

  • Strategy of the Czech fashion sector. Three needs.

    First article in a three-part series discussing potential of the Czech fashion sector. Links to findings of the research that my colleagues and I conducted over the last year. In Czech language, pg 16-18. @FashionRetailcz @KreativniCesko #czechfashion — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) December 17, 2018

  • Five more needs of the Czech fashion sector. Market and its conditions.

    Second article in a three-part series discussing potential of the Czech fashion sector. Focusing on market needs and conditions. Pg 28-30, in Czech language. @FashionRetailcz @KreativniCesko #czechfashion — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) May 23, 2019

  • Czech fashion education and its needs

    Our third article in Retail News/Fashion Retail discussing potential of the Czech fashion sector. This time focusing on education and skills needs. Pg 70-71, in Czech language. @FashionRetailcz @retailnews_cz @KreativniCesko #czechfashion — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) June 3, 2019

  • Fashion management text book

      ‘Fashion management’ by Grada publishing is the first widely available study text book in the Czech language. Together with our publication Potential of the Czech Fashion Sector, they are a perfect pairing for students and anyone interested in #CzechFashionIndustry @ModniPravo — Zuzana Mandic (@zuzanazuz) June 3, 2019