Circular Fashion Design by Ellen MacArthur Foundation

This is a a tip for a beautiful book on circular fashion design. 

The book shows how creatives can transform the fashion industry, a major contributor to global challenges like climate change and biodiversity loss, by being part of the solution.  The book showcases circular design in practice and the stories of circular fashion pioneers including Vivienne Westwood, Gabriela Hearst, Marine Serre, Bethany Williams, Nkwo Onwuka, and Ferdinando Verderi.


Circular design goes beyond rethinking single products or services, it can transform the entire fashion industry. Everyone in the fashion industry has the opportunity to contribute to the shift to a circular economy where waste and pollution are eliminated by design, products are recirculated, and nature is regenerated. Circular design is a pioneering practice of design. This is a creative opportunity for fashion innovators, pioneers, and creatives seeking to reshape the industry in the coming decade.