European Fashion Accelerator looks at sustainability amongst young fashion designers in V4

The European Fashion Accelerator (EFA) has been supporting Visegrad 4 fashion’s young creative talent for over 8 years. The main aim is to provide targeted education and support to young Central European creatives and change the local creative industry for the better.

EFA recognises the growing importance of sustainable agenda in fashion. As part of their IDEA LAB commitment to support sustainable development and business practices in fashion, EFA collaborated with me to take a closer look at current sustainable fashion practices within the V4.

The aim was to utilise current thinking in the field of sustainable fashion, consult young as well as established fashion designers, schools and universities on their views and explore issues that they face in this area.

The key objective was to lay foundations for development of sustainability evaluation criteria contextualised to the V4 region that can be used in the future as a steppingstone to assess sustainability readiness of local fashion start-ups/young designers. Furthermore, to utilise the findings in sustainable fashion education across our partners.

Equally critical was gathering and evaluation of baseline information provided by the respondents to assess attitudes, current status quo, and perceived positives and negatives of sustainability agenda among different respondent groups.

The full report can be found here.