European Perspectives on Measuring Impact of Covid-19 on Creative Industries

There has been heightened activity among many public sector organisations, policy centres, unions and networks in the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) to collate and measure the impact of the current crisis on the sector. Here is an overview of some of the work at a transnational- European level. The next steps – coordinating support on a national and hopefully international level will be key in supporting the creative industries in the mid-term.


Cultural Institutes

EU National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC), a network of 36 national cultural institutes and other cultural organisations across Europe, has provided an overview on “How is the European cultural sector responding to the current corona crisis?” The article summarises actions to date and provides high level overview of approaches by individual countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, UK and many more) in supporting CCIs. It also informs about the petition that has been put forth by MEPs and the members states to take a coordinated action in response to the pandemic and management of its impact on CCIs. Furthermore, it also provides a link to the Statement on Creative Europe  that guarantees as much flexibility as possible in the implementation of the programme.


View from the UK

Creative Industries Policy Evidence Centre (PEC) in the UK, which is led by NESTA,  has been working on collating an overview of current surveys that aim to research the impact of coronavirus on individual cultural and creative sectors. Their article “How can the creative industries come together to share how COVID-19 is impacting the sector?” has a list of surveys conducted in the UK but also across Europe (pan-European, Italy), USA, Canada, South Africa and many more.


In addition, PEC has already published its new research on “The impact of COVID-19 on arts and cultural charities” .  PEC also shared tips on designing business surveys to understand the impacts on the creative industries that may be useful for national organisation and trade bodies across Europe and wider.


Take the European Survey

European Creative Business Network (ECBN), a non-profit independent membership foundation that is promoting interests of CCIs in Europe, is currently surveying the impact of the pandemic on cultural and creative industries across Europe. Its results will be presented to the European Commission and evidence the level of impact the coronavirus and various pandemic measures have had on the creative industries.  There are over 100 members in the ECBN network consisting of leading agencies, funders, promoters and researchers in the cultural and creative industries in the EU, however the survey is open to anyone working in the creative industries.

Here is the link to their survey –spare some time – every view counts.


European Mapping

European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and  Culture Action Europe have mapped emergency initiatives and measures across Europe to tackle the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on the arts, culture, creative sectors and cultural heritage. They were looking at levels of compensations, crisis dedicated funding, combined efforts of public and private collaborations designed to support the industry, information sharing, etc. The preliminary results should be released any time soon.


Compendium of Cultural Policies & Trends, an association that sits within the Dutch Institute for Arts, Culture and Related policy, the Boekman Foundation, monitors information on national cultural policies across Europe. The Compendium has also information about national approaches to the Covid-19 crisis within CCIs.


European  Programmes

Creative Europe and Horizon 2020 deadlines for submission of applications to a number of calls have been extended in the light of Covid-19 restrictions.




Source: EUNIC, PEC, ECBN, CAE, the Institute of Arts Czech Republic and Creative Europe.